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Hamad Albusaidi

At the age of ten in 1984, Hamad Albusaidi took his first photography. For a long time, he have been a specialist in Portrait, Travel, Lifestyle, Decisive moments and People photography. In addition, he does lecturing and teaching on the secret and technique of using the natural light in photography.

In 2003, Hamad Albusaidi shifted to the digital photography; an then in 2007, he received an invitation from Canon Corporation in Thailand to do a private photo gallery in the corporation building.  

On year later in 2008, Hamad Albusaidi became the member of the Photography Club, when the Photographic Society Of Oman was established in 2012 the membership shifted to it automatically. And  he became a member of FIAP in 2009. In 2012, Hamad Albusaidi was announced to be the top five world-class photographers who participated in the 3rd International Photographer Meeting in Indonesia 2011.   

For many years, Hamad Albusaidi has presented lectures, workshops and photography courses especially in professional photography of using the natural light, also teaching of how to deal with photography equipment. Besides, he has represented Oman in some photography events - the last one was the Third symposium for Sultan Qaboos Scientific Chairs in Tokyo, Japan 2014. what’s more, he has participated in many local and regional salons.

Furthermore, Hamad Albusaidi also has participated in many different salons, exhibitions, competitions, photography circuit and biennials under the patronage of FIAP and under the patronage of different photography federations. And he has been awarded many different awards in different photography competition around the world.    

This year in 2017, Hamad Albusaidi was awarded EFIAP/g, and announced to be (Master FIAP) MFIAP for his project called “Banjara”.  


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