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Lucas Dragone

Lucas Dragone is an awards winning visual artist and storyteller. Born in Belgium to parents with a strong sense of cultural and social commitment, he spent his childhood steeped in an environment that explored the most varied forms of creativity, in line with a particularly difficult local situation.

He studied at the Lassaad international school of theater and worked with the Compagnie Barbiana in Belgium; performing, directing and teaching. After a few years, he became Looka Loopa making music videos, documentaries, short films and visual experiments, all inspired by his sincere outlook on life. Giving as much importance to the people and situations as to the style.  

 In parallel with his photographic works, Looka is also directing film documentaries around the world.

His first film Documentary Black Box is the result of 5 years following the creation process of The House of Dancing Water, a show directed in Macau (China) by Franco Dragone. Far from being a "making of", it is a journey through time, exploring the minds, the moods, the sensations... of the artists involved in the project.

His second film documentary is about I Made Djimat, a very well-known figure in the world of Balinese theatre who is coming from a small village in Bali. I Made Djimat had a major influence on some of the most important directors in the 20th century.



- TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS 2016 - 2nd place - editorial Conflict - with the « Refugees » portraits.

- SEEME EXPOSURE AWARDS AT LE LOUVRE MUSEUM PARIS 2015 -  digital display in the « body collection »  published in a book on the « body collection ».

- MIFA 2016 MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS - 2nd place winner - event sport - Akhada series

- MIFA 2016 MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS - 5 honorable mentions.

- IPOTY INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2015 - first place winner - editorial: sports (professional) with the story « mallakhamb »


- 2015-2016 GOLDEN ORCHID INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL  - third prize – with the story « faces of violence » 



Past exhibition:

- Paris, Le Louvre museum. One photo from the Mallakhamb serie. ( Documenting Perfoming Arts )

- Paris, Gucci Masters, one of the most important dates in the horse jumping contest calendar. Horses serie.

- Hong Kong Longines Masters, one of the most important dates in the horse jumping contest calendar. Horses serie.

- La Louviere  5 sur 5 short film festival. No Man’s Land serie.



Present and future exhibition:

 - From 01.09.2017 to 17.09.2017 in Jesi, Italy at Palazzo Dei Convegni with the serie «  Documenting Performing Arts » organize by fondazione pergolesi spontini

- From 22.09 to 15.10.2017 in Brussels, Belgium at The National Theater  with the serie « Documenting Perfoming Arts »

- 22 September conference and exhibition at the military hospital in brussels, belgium, with lectures and photos about Pinocchio non-profit association, Pinocchio NPA takes care of the interests and welfare of children or teenagers burned, they offer financial support for the kids and family, psycholigical need and they are also involve in organizing special camps such as water treatment for the skin.

- From 31.08.2017 permanent exhibition in Dubai at La perle theater about the first permanent water stage theater in the Middle East.

- 2018 ( Date to be confirm ) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, serie about Fekat Circus.



» To learn more about Lucas at his website here.


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